All we know about the first CS2 operation content and release date  (2024)

This could be the game’s biggest update so far.

Counter-Strike recently hit its 25th anniversary, but Valve hasn’t marked the occasion with any special celebrations. However, reports suggest that the first CS2 operation may be in the works.

In CS2, the heavily mechanical nature of the game means that players don’t expect or require regular updates to the map pool or in-game inventory. However, the rare operations released every other year are a welcome addition to the fast-paced shooter.

But it’s actually been a while since Valve released an update or operation for its flagship title, almost three years, to be precise.

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Leakers earlier claimed that Valve was saving the big update for the game’s 25th anniversary on June 19. However, the anticipated update did not materialize. Still, data found in the game files indicates that the developer is indeed actively working on new content for the first CS2 operation.

What’s coming in the first CS2 operation?

According to credible leaker Gabe Follower, CS2 may get a whole new in-game cosmetic in key chains, customizable agents, and new maps.

While all CS2 operations were better than the last, Shattered Web remains the most unique one released so far. For the first time ever, Valve expanded the agent pool with a female character, Eva. For CS2’s first operation, players are expecting something similar, as leaks look quite promising.

According to information gathered by leakers, the game’s string code includes data that points towards keychains as cosmetics. This means skin enthusiasts may get another item to obsess over.

All we know about the first CS2 operation content and release date (1)

Like Valorant’s gun buddy, keychains would be tiny charms that can be attached to a weapon and would work as separate entities.

This is accompanied by a data file suggesting that a twin-blade knife will also be available in the upcoming case. As evident from the name, it’s a simple dagger-style knife with a split in the middle of the blade.

Given the rumors of a new skin case, it’s logical to assume that it might feature a unique rare item, perhaps a new twin-blade knife.

All we know about the first CS2 operation content and release date (2)

Valve recently released the Kukri knife in the Kilowatt case, and it’s worth noting here that Gabe Follower also first discovered it in the game’s code.

Another notable find was a list of maps discovered for CS2. According to leaks, the new operation may roll in five maps: Thero, Memento, Pool Day, Assembly, and Mills.

While these maps won’t be added to the competitive pool, players are still over the moon about the possibility of Pool Day’s return to the game. Pool Day was a popular bomb defusal map in CS 1.6, which featured a unique pool gimmick.

just gonna leave it here

— ‎Gabe Follower (@gabefollower) June 16, 2024

While all this sounds pretty serious, Valve is also working on ever-evolving chickens in CS2. Leakers have discovered unique animations and pet-related string code in CS2.

Since you can already adopt chickens as pets in CS2, it’s unclear what this leak entails. It’s possible that with the new update, players may be able to pick up chickens or interact with them in some way.

Some data also suggests that agent skins may be customizable, but it seems to be an update reserved for certain game modes. Customizable skins or colored agents have been a point of controversy in the past due to their ability to blend in with some backgrounds.

This also raises the prospect of a new game mode featuring interactive pets and distinctive skins for agents.

When is the CS2 operation release date?

The first CS2 operation was initially expected to release on June 19 since Valve likes to commemorate major milestones like game anniversaries. However, leakers say players can still expect the new operation to drop anytime this week.

On the game’s 20th anniversary, Valve introduced a skin contest open to all players. So, it’s unreasonable to think that the developer would settle with a social media post for the game’s silver jubilee.

Moreover, Steam DPRP for CS2 was constantly updated a day prior to the anniversary, which suggests that Valve is actively working on either new content or an update.

Leakers are confident that a new operation is imminent. Since most CS2 operations drop on Wednesday or Thursday, players should look for an update on June 26 or 27.

  • Operation Hydra: Wednesday, May 23, 2017.
  • Operation Shattered Web: Tuesday, Nov 18, 2019.
  • Operation Broken Fang: Thursday, Dec 3, 2020.
  • Operation Riptide: Wednesday, Sep 21, 2021.

If all of this is true, CS2 players are in for a surprise, which is certainly worth the wait. However, all of this information is based on mined data, however credible it may be, and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

That wraps up our break down of everything we know about the first CS2 operation and the hope of CS2 operations in the future.

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All we know about the first CS2 operation content and release date  (2024)


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