Az511 Twitter (2024)

1. AZ 511

  • Arizona Alerts · Traffic List · Arizona Maricopa County Traffic · Coconino County

  • Provides up to the minute traffic and transit information for Arizona. View the real time traffic map with travel times, traffic accident details, traffic cameras and other road conditions. Plan your trip and get the fastest route taking into account current traffic conditions.

2. View Live Arizona Alerts - AZ 511

  • Traffic List · Travel Times List · Mobile Apps · Message Boards List

  • View all current alerts.

3. Current Road Restrictions | Department of Transportation - ADOT

4. Arizona Department of Transportation marks 50 years | Fountain Hills Times

  • 20 uur geleden · ... AZ511 traveler information system and, the online ... 50 years · Facebook · X (formerly Twitter) · LinkedIn · Email Print. Other ...

  • PHOENIX – Arizona’s highways have existed almost since statehood in 1912, but the agency overseeing them, the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), is marking its 50th anniversary …


6. lane closures and restrictions - I-17 Improvement Project

  • The Arizona Department of Transportation reminds motorists to plan for overnight lane restrictions on Interstate 17 during the upcoming week. The restrictions ...

7. Road Work That You Should Know Abought - Prescott Times

  • 14 uur geleden · These ADOT projects start this week (subject to change). For real-time road information, check either or the AZ511 app:.

  • ROADWORK ROUNDUP 🚧 provided by ADOT

8. Arizona Department of Transportation - Facebook

  • The closure is due to a brush fire. There is no estimated reopening time. For real-time traffic info, check & the AZ511 app:

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

9. Arizona Emergency Information Network | Arizona Emergency ...

  • Emergency Bulletins · Wildfire · Earthquakes · Dust Storms

Az511 Twitter (2024)


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