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About Great Clips

Great Clips Mount Airy offers affordable haircuts for men, women, and kids. Great Clips salons offer various hair care services including haircuts, beard trims, bang trims, and shampooing. We are open evenings and weekends, no appointment necessary. Walk-ins welcome or check-in online to skip the wait. With ClipNotes, you'll get a great cut every time! We look forward to serving you!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Great Clips

After checking-in, you’ll see your Estimated Wait Time. You can sign up for ReadyNext texts to receive a text when your wait reaches 15 minutes, letting you know it’s time to head to the salon. Once you arrive, check in at the receptionist desk.

The cost of a haircut at Great Clips is a great value at the regular price. However, we do offer discounts from time to time. These discounts may take place at various times for the salons in your area due to them being independently-owned.

Use the salon locator on Enter your city, state, or postal code to find information on Great Clips salons near you.

Visit our Careers site at to find out what’s GREAT about working at Great Clips salons, join our Talent Community, and explore salon jobs. You can also contact a salon directly by phone or in-person.

Great Clips is a walk-in haircare salon, so you don’t schedule an appointment in advance. You can simply walk in! Online Check-In can save you time by adding your name to the list before heading to the salon.

Yes, but not in every salon. If you’re interested in getting a perm, call your specific salon to find out if they offer perms.

Great Clips salons do not provide hair coloring services.

Our salons are independently owned and the local salon owner determines prices. More information on pricing can be found on the specific salon’s services webpage. You can also call the salon or walk in anytime.

Yes, Great Clips offers three lines of its exclusively branded haircare and styling products for men, women, and kids, including Solutions by Great Clips®, Tea Tree Solutions by Great Clips®, and GRIT @ Great Clips™. Salons also carry many commercial brands, such as American Crew®, Paul Mitchell®, and Sexy Hair®.

Once you arrive, check in at the receptionist desk to let the stylists know you're there. They will finish checking you in at that time.

No. For the stylist’s safety, we do not publish their schedules or allow customers to request them using Online Check-In. Great Clips salons use Clip Notes®, which keeps track of any previous haircut you received at a Great Clips salon, so any stylist can give you a great haircut. If you would like to request a particular stylist, be sure to say that when you arrive at the salon and finish your check-in. Note that requesting a stylist may increase your estimated wait time.

Online Check-In can be used for all services except perms and formal updos. Please note that not all salons offer perms. Most salons require an appointment for these services, so please call your local Great Clips salon to inquire.

Online Check-In becomes available five minutes after the salon opens. We accept Online Check-Ins up to the point where the estimated wait time is as long as the salon will remain open, or 30 minutes before closing time at the latest.

Online Check-In saves you time when you add yourself to the waitlist, see your estimated wait time, and sign up for ReadyNext texts to receive a text message when your wait time reaches 15 minutes. This lets you spend less time waiting in a salon.

With the Great Clips app, you can save time with Online Check-in, create an account, set favorite salons to see wait times faster, and receive personalized offers, product promotions, and haircare tips right to your notification inbox.

Save time with Online Check-in! See estimated wait times for salons near you and add yourself to the wait list. Once you check in, you can also sign up for ReadyNext text alerts to receive a text message when your wait time reaches 15 minutes.

Mens, womens, kids and senior haircuts as well as bang, neck and beard trims. Other haircare services include shampoo, blow dry, or hair styling such as an updo. Select salons offer perm services.

Great Clips - Mount Airy, MD 21771 - (301)829-3940 | (2024)


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