Mcduffie County Public Records Search (2024)

laws codes

Code of Ordinances

View McDuffie County code of ordinances, codified December 18, 2012, including supplement history.

environmental health

Floodplain Information

View McDuffie County floodplain information.

environmental health

Water Quality Reports

View McDuffie County water quality reports.

court records

Georgia Court Records and other Resources

Links to state and local court records, general Georgia court information, directory of courts, and online resources for courts in Georgia.

court records

McDuffie County Court Directory

Directory of court locations in McDuffie County, Georgia. Includes local links to searching court records, dockets, legal research, self help, and more.

census records

McDuffie County Census Information Summary

McDuffie County statistics for population, ethnicity, housing, geography and businesses. From the U.S. Census Bureau.

meeting minutes

Meeting Minutes

View McDuffie County Commission meeting minutes by date from 2012 to present.

marriage records

Marriage License Search

Search Georgia recorded marriage licenses by county and applicant name, issued date range, recorded date range or marriage date range.

death records

Death Records Search

Search Georgia death records by county and name or date range.

death records

Smith Family Cemetery

Smith Family Cemetery in McDuffie county, Georgia: Explore burial records, discover memorials, view photos, and find directions on Find A Grave.

permits inspections

Food Service and Tourist Accommodation Inspections

Search Georgia food service and tourist accommodation inspection scores by county.

land records

Georgia Real Estate Index Search

Search Georgia Superior Court deed record index for all Georgia counties since January 1, 1999 with name, address, book page, property, or instrument type. Users can access database through a paid subscription or free single use account.

voter election records

Voter and Election Information

View McDuffie County voter and election information including absentee ballots, voter registration form and election results.

sex offender records

Sex Offender Registry

View registered sex offenders living in McDuffie County by name including photos, address, crime, date of conviction and place of conviction.

sex offender records

Sex Offender Records

Search Georgia Bureau of Investigation sex offender records by name.

vehicle records

Mcduffie County, GA Motor Vehichle Records Request

View all of the latest information around filing a motor vehicle records request in Mcduffie County, GA.

foreclosure records

Inmate Records

Search McDuffie County inmate records by GDOC id, case number or name.

gis records

Property Search and GIS Maps

Search McDuffie County property tax and assessment records by address, owner name, parcel number or legal description including sales search and GIS maps.

government jobs

Government Jobs

View McDuffie County government job openings including employment application.

tax records

McDuffie County Property Valuation | Thomson-McDuffie Tax Assessor

Get insights on property valuation in Thomson-McDuffie, Georgia, by contacting the Tax Assessor's office at 706-595-2128. Find answers to FAQs about property value assessments.

tax records

McDuffie County Property Records & Tax Payments

Explore McDuffie County's property records and pay taxes for real estate, personal property, vehicles, mobile homes, and timber online. Office hours: Mon-Fri, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

tax records

McDuffie County Property Records Search | Georgia Assessor

Explore McDuffie County property records and access comprehensive real estate data, including property tax information and assessments in Georgia through NETR Online.

tax records

McDuffie County Property Records | Assessor's Office

Explore property records and valuation details in McDuffie County with the Assessor's Office. Accessible to the public weekdays from 8 AM to 5 PM for all your property assessment needs.

inmate records

McDuffie County Jail Current Inmate Search

Search the current inmate list at McDuffie County Jail for up-to-date detainee information and records.

inmate records

McDuffie County Sheriff's Office - Inmate Search & Safety Resources

Explore the McDuffie County Sheriff's Office resources for inmate searches, sex offender information, safety alerts, and tips. Stay informed and connected with community updates.

inmate records

McDuffie County Jail Inmate Lookup

Locate current inmates in McDuffie County Jail with the online inmate search tool. Check the updated inmate list for status and booking information.

inmate records

McDuffie County Jail Inmate Information

Contact Lieutenant Clay Johnson for inquiries at the McDuffie County Jail Division. For visitation information and inmate search, visit our website.

inmate records

McDuffie County Inmate Information & Resources

Explore the McDuffie County Sheriff's website for resources and information on inmates, ensuring transparency and open communication with the community.

Mcduffie County Public Records Search (2024)


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