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Sergeant Millicent McClain
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Georgia lawO.C.G.A. §16-12-22.1requires any entity performing a raffle to obtain a permit from the Sheriff’s Office of the County in which it is located. The only entities permitted to operate a raffle are nonprofit, tax-exempt churches, schools, civic organizations, or related support groups; nonprofit organizations qualified under§501(c)of the Internal Revenue Code, as amended; or bona fide nonprofit organizations approved by the Sheriff.

Click Here for Raffle Law and Guidelines
Click Here for Raffle Application
Click Here for the Raffle Law O.C.G.A. 16-12-22

Approved Raffle Licenses

THE ORION FOUNDATION, INC. Expires: 12/31/2019


Requesting Reports

Copies of Incident and Accident reports are available from the Records Division, Monday- Friday from 8 am until 5pm. A case number is required to request a report. If you do not have a case number you will need proof of identity to obtain a report. Your name has to be in the report in order to obtain a copy.

Acceptable forms of identification area:

  • Any valid state or federal government issued photo ID, including a free ID Card issued by your county registrar's office or the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS)
  • A Georgia Driver's License, even if expired
  • Valid employee photo ID from any branch, department, agency, or entity of the U.S. Government, Georgia, or any county, municipality, board, authority or other entity of this state
  • Valid U.S. passport ID
  • Valid U.S. military photo ID
  • Valid tribal photo ID

For accident reports, a completed Statement of Need is required before a copy of the report can be released. The only way to get a copy of accident report is:

  • Your name has to be on accident report
  • Attorney representing the parties of the accident
  • Insurance Companies (do not need to fill out statement of need)

A report will be in ready in three to five business days. You may pick up your reports at McDuffie County Sheriff’s Office Information window. Certain information on the report will be redacted (Georgia Law O. C. G. A. 50-18-72). Please call 706-597-3862 to see if a particular report has been completed.

Certain types of reports are exempt from release (unless court ordered).

Obtain Crash Reports by Clicking Below:

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Open Records Request

The McDuffie County Sheriff's Office, as a government agency, understands that almost all our of actions are available for public review. We are dedicated to meeting all open records requests received in writing in a timely manner. Much of the information on this web site is provided to give easy access to public information.

Under the Georgia Open Records Act (O.C.G.A. 50-18-70 to 50-18-77) all public records are available for inspection and copying unless there are specifically exempted from disclosure under law. If a government agency of custodian of public records withholds a public document from production under an Open Records request, they will cite to the provision of Georgia Law that exempts the record from being produced.

Pursuant to the law, the Open Records Officer for the McDuffie Sheriff's Office is Sgt. Millicent McClain. All Open Records requests to inspect of copy records must be made in writing to the Open Records Officer. The agency will provide information relating to the request, as permissible and applicable by law, within three business days after it has been received by the Open Records Officer. If production of the information is not possible within that time frame, the Open Records Officer with issue correspondence with an explanation.

Open records requests should contain the following: requestor’s name, phone number, and return address; specific type of information being requested including names, dates, times, locations, and case numbers (if available). Also please reference the appropriate Georgia or Federal Public Information or Record Law under which you are applying.

Depending on the type of information requested, charges may be incurred. If this is the case, we will contact you prior to your request being processed. Also note that individuals and attorneys wishing to obtain information concerning a case in which an individual is awaiting trial may be required to contact the McDuffie County Clerk of Superior Court and file appropriate discovery motions.

For questions or additional information concerning open records contact the Open Records Officer:

Sgt. Millicent McClain
McDuffie County Sheriff's Office
751 Public Safety Drive
Thomson, GA 30824
Phone 706-595-2040 ext. 2048
Fax 706-595-2043


Open Records Request Form

911 Open Records Request Form

Secondary Metals Recycling

Secondary metals recyclers in McDuffie County who purchase regulated metal property in any quantity are required to register with the Sheriff’s Office under Georgia Law OCGA 10-1-360. Any person who fails to register annually may be guilty of a misdemeanor of a high and aggravated nature.

A secondary metals recycler is any person who purchases secondary metals property which has served its original purpose. Therefore, this applies to the "metal recyclers" who purchase secondary metals, as well as individuals/businesses who buy old vehicles and other scrap metal from individuals or businesses.

Georgia’s Regulated Metals Recycling Law regulates anyone meeting the definition of a Secondary Metals Recycler which is anyone engaged in Georgia in the business of paying compensation for the purchase of Regulated Metal Property whether or not the person operates from a fixed location or otherwise and whether or not the person is engaged in converting such property into raw material products. This includes any person located in a residence buying metals or buying metals from a truck parked on public or private property.

Regulated Metal Property is any item composed primarily of ferrous or nonferrous metals, but excludes batteries, aluminum beverage containers, used beverage containers (or similar items).

Ferrous metals are those that contain significant quantities of iron or steel. Nonferrous metals are those metals that do not contain significant quantities of iron or steel, and include stainless steel items, copper, brass, aluminum, bronze, lead, zinc, beer kegs, catalytic converters, nickel and any of their respective alloys.

The Regulated Metals Recycling Law exempts from its coverage purchases of Regulated Metal Property from certain sellers including purchases from manufacturing, industrial, or other commercial vendors (but excluding other Secondary Metals Recyclers) that generate or sell Regulated Metal Property in the ordinary course of their business (the “business-to-business exception”), non-profit sellers, law enforcement and public officials acting in their respective capacities and certain court appointed officials.

The Regulated Metals Recycling Law impacts almost every aspect of a Secondary Metal Recycler’s business operations including recordkeeping, the form of payment for purchase transactions, hours of operation, types of Regulated Metal Property it may purchase and from whom it may purchase the metals.

Amendments made in 2012 to the Regulated Metals Recycling Law significantly change how the metal recycling industry conducts business. Recyclers must now register with the county sheriff.

They may no longer pay cash for purchases (other than in exempt transactions). Their business hours have been reduced. They must obtain and retain in their records additional information regarding purchase transactions. Purchases of certain types of Regulated Metal Property (air conditioning coils, burned copper wire and burial memorials) are restricted to certain sellers with proper licenses or documentation. Upon the establishment of a State database recyclers will be required to report purchase transaction information daily to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Finally, recyclers are subject to more stringent penalties for failure to comply with the law.

Records/Administrative Services - McDuffie County Sheriffs Office (2024)


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